all these debates...

driving me insane! it’s clogging up the off topic… there should be a subforum for it!

I know, And there just wrecking the community more and more, with everyone insulting everyone else.

I’m sorry that you guys think that the debates are bad but

  1. That Is the nature of debates, Timmy
  2. We’ve already Asked for a Debate subforum, no one made it.

i dont wanna hear about religion, sex or anything stupid thing just ends up flaming or going out with MJ…

Then Ignore those Threads!!!

its clogging up all of this forum theres like 20 topics

Yeah … but i think were stuck with HOL bummers on rsr forever

Im not converting to a debate mad suck up…

Well, this is the off-topic forum. So as the name implies anything goes that is in the boundaries of the RSR rules.

debates are made for the HOL people not us. we cant handle it!

But A debate forum would just be a can of spam, and would require MORE mods to watch over. Things are good the way they are. :melodrama :yes: :yes: :bouncy: :yes: :yes: :melodrama

(The Combo lengthens!!!)

I think HOL debates aren’t really attended that much so we have our own debates here where we get more feedback.

Implying that we are inferior to the ppl in Hol???
This applies to some people tho.

i just said that so we have a sub forum for debates…