All these staking game's

Seems that it has become how popular to make some fast money, but your most likely to get scamed.

Game’s which include gambling should be banned

no they shudnt

You would say different if you got scammed like keyser.

Its illegal, like sig buying. Everyone could report the people that do it with a reason of reporting them.

~:crazy: spartan

If you dont like it dont do it sheesh!

Still it should be banned from rsr forum’s

its not gambling its placing bets between friends, theres a differance when u now its ok and its not a adiction, and iven if u get more votes for yes im pritty sure the mods wont care, there the 1s doin it

What exactly do we get scammed from?

Ok,It’s only a vote i just wanna see what people think,You get scammed out of your item’s and money

u dont get scammed, its like going to the wild, if u get killed do u consider that scammed? u took the risk, u take the responibility, there staking there items for a game they are good at, they now ther losing something, and there ok with it.

It’s going to become additive like selling/buying siggy’s.I don’t wanna see and hear people getting scammer,3 a day is enough for me.

well if u dont want to get scamed, dont participate, but most of the ppl that are playing these stacking games are well known trusting ppl and everyone nows they will opey the rules, and if u dont…SMITED!!!
and sig buying and selling isent a scam, its a way to make money, say if your really poor or just got hacked, and u give ppl wat they wont for a price they can afford

Lol and even if I do lose 1 or 2 mil gp it won’t be a big deal anyways.

I don’t see what scrable or chess has to do with rs,U wanna make money Do something which includes rs

it dosent have to do with rs, thats y its on off topic :wink:

Exactly gambling is nothing to do with runescape,it should not be used to gain gp.

You’re just betting pixel money on runescape…

Its just a game…

I know it’s a game but it’s a bit unfair.

Would u risk losing up to 10mill?

I dont play,and all the rich people on rsr were playing,like Keyser…He could manage to lose that much.

So it is a scam targetting rick people on runescape