All you Programmers out there!

I am interested in going to colledge for programing, I want to learn to program games, and useful programs. Possibly computers. What language should I learn first? And do you know of any easy to learn books or websites for learning how to program in java, c, c++, and any other useful programing languages that have to do with the field of game creation you know of?

Well personally I used to be very interested in game development and OOP (Object Oriented Programming). I am still interested in it, but at the moment I am learning PHP so I’m not working on it now. But if you really wish to start learning about game development using either C++, C#, or java then i strongly suggest learning C first. C is a foundation for all three of the languages I just mentioned, and without first learning C these languages would be much more difficult. A good book to learn C is “Sams Teach yourself C in 21 days”. This book guides you through all the different aspects of C, and it includes software for a C/C++ compiler. Then towards the end of the book it introduces you to C++, C# and Java in OOP, so you can get a feel of each language and decide where you would like to go from there. If you decide to learn C, and need help PM me, I’m only on day 11 out of 21, but I understand the concepts explained up to that point.

i agree with Hokeyav
learn them in this order
then wat ever u wnat
books u shoud read are the for dummies series

I personally think that you should swap the order from C++ to C# the other way around, because C# is a superset of C without many of the pitfalls of C++ making it a little bit easier, to learn and understand. But besides that the order seems like a very good one to follow.

oh yah ur right cus that fact is that i dont know any of em
but i know the basic idea of it

Thankyou very much i have an idea for a christmas gift to myself now! Well once i get the book, if i have trouble or hit a rough spot i will ask you about it , but thankyou for your information it sets me on a good start

Take Game Design and Development courses and learn C++ and Java, as they are the 2 most important languages used in games. For fun you can learn Basic and Pascal (To give you some programming expirence). If you want to develop for consoles, or a CD-Rom, you should use C++, but if it is going to be a mmorpg (Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game [Like RuneScape]) then you should use Java. It lets you have a massive game, yet uses alot less disk space. It can also be played on any O.S. (Operating Systems, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Dos, Mac, Etc.) RuneScape is programmed in Java. If you want to be a game designer, you should also learn some basic graphics skills.

This is not advice, but I suggest spelling college right if you want to go there… lol

oh, thanks for nitpicking missed that… :wink: oh well, all the suggestions, except for maybe that last one, have been very helpful, thanks. :smiley:

Personally, as a begginer i found it much easyer to learn Quick Basic 4.5, then I progressed to Visual Basic, and eventually C,C++ either way(correct me if im wrong), which ever language you learn most of um are basicly the same, just the syntax differs.

Java is a thing of the past. It was mainly used for toaster and washing machine programming. Go C++ that is all our programming class learns.

ahem… ruescape uses java…

any1 know a good website to learn how to programme?