allow animation avatars.....

we should allow them but like they take up sum space so we shouldnt be allowed to upload em to rsr… we should have to upload to sumwhere ourselves

its a good idea, i want it like that too

did you say animated advatar last i remmeber you can use them lets see

edit well they used too becouse i used too have 1 when i 1st joined

Like my avvy? ROFL

I wanna get an animation avatar to work on RSR. :frowning:

yea but urs only works cause it one thats already uploaded to the site

vBulletin is strange. The built in code makes it that you cannot host avatars on other sites - they have to be uploaded to the forums… so mainly it is to save bandwidth.
sickmate 8)

It’s uploaded to RSR? It shouldn’t be because that’s plagerism (SP), my freind made that and uploaded it to a site.

grr thats why my animated avvy wouldn’t work

I believe we once allowed animated avatars and was removed to save bandwith or similar. I really have no thoughts on this subject since I recently found out how. ^ ^
I think this should be a good idea if we keep the animation avatars under a reasonable size. :smiley:

id like to have that