Almost pked whip!!!!

K, so I am walking around in wildy just for fun because I hadnt been pking in over half a year… that was 6 months of non stop merching,skilling, and leveling!!!.. so I went to green drags today and guess what!!!

lvl 92 with whip, rune legs, glory, beserker, and black d hide chest… I put 2 and 2 together and figured that if i killed him I could possibly get the whip becuase he was skulled… so I waited till a dragon got him just below half health and right after he killed it I ran in and jumped him!!!

Two seconds into the fight he was winning, for like 1 hit lol… then I dds spec and hit 13, 12, that takes him down to either 15 or 20hp then I hit a 13 non spec and when i went to go special again he teleported!!! It was so intense lol… I been searching green drags on all the worlds hoping for a repeat :wink:

thanks for reading


:eek: :innocent: :hypnotize :shhh: :ziplip: :cool: :smiley:

Ive almost pked whip 10 times

But tele noobs and protecting noobs prevent me from getting 1,

But anywayz good luck gettin whip pk :wink:

Gratz! Wh1ps own me pl0x? Good job on the near kill!:thumbsup:

^^ mind you guys that this is my first time pking in like forever 0.0…^^

almost means nothing…but good story

^^ thanks :wink: ^^

Im just saying wow… im a skilled noob :slight_smile:

No picture no proof.
Read the rules.

You of all people should know this.

close only counts in horseshoes mate