always go alone

always go PKing alone or with a cuple of bad items i learned this the hard way one of my good friends i knew personally betrayed me in the wild along with betraying my brother and took over 25k worth of stuff off of me, so my point is try to go alone PKing or u might learn it the hard way like me:frown:

Sorry but I have to disagree. That just means you don’t have very trustworthy friends.

no hes trustworthy

caz im chamalien’s bro and he ows me 46k!(which isnt alot but iworked my buttox off to get it!)

I never said he wasn’t trustworthy, I said his friend that pked him was not.

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LMFAO guys, learn to PK

sry for the doulbe post i didnt mean to do that…anyways me and chamalien2 have known this guy since 3rd grade and we go on this pking trip so when we got to lvl 15 wild chamalien2 stops to fight a hill gaint then he kills him then im like “u just killed my bro!” so then he kills me and hes like haha.and we’ve known him for 3 years personaly!

Basically, if a guy bs you, then pile him.

If you get bs by an entire team, then tele (yes, i know you bring teles- im psychic k?)

go with some1 thats not able to kill u

you guys have some good points…

ur friend killed u and ur bro!

how about askin him to give ur stuff back, if hes ur friend than he will

if he donsnt then ask him to go teaming with u and ur bro then turn on him! serves him right on turning on u and not giving ur stuff back

yeah. that guy was wierd…fortunaely i don’t know anyone like that =). or do i…? yikes. and yeah if some guy is killing you and you can’t beat him tele. i always brought tele runes when i went into wildy…less chance of losing ma stuff =). i think…

and Ps2, if he did that to him, chances are he’s never gonna go into wildy with them again…and if they meet be chance, he’s prob gonna leave really quick or kill them again. i spent like 30 mins trying to get some guy in sweet armour to come into wildy so i could kill him, but he wouldnt. did something like what their friend did =P

lol u talking bout me? sorry i have a older brother, im always thinking about revenge

lol well sometimes u go pkin wif other ppl sometimes u dont it up to u to take the risk

i agree wif brandy

well i asked him for our stuff back and he "said"hed give it back but then he just logged out and i tried to tele but he killed me so quick…

What… so you had teles?

Then quite frankly - you deserved to get bs’ed.

Maybe you should go on a pking trip with at least 3 trustworthy friends so if they want to attack, they would be too scared to, because they know that the other ones might attack him/her.

what a pointless thread take a tele and don’t take expensicve items lol

im a low lv cuz im almost all mage and he was a ranger and rangers kill mages ya kno so he invited us for a pk trip rite?well when i stoped to kill a hill giant he starts to kill me but i cudnt understnd wat was exactly goin on so i sttod ther for a sec then i realizide that it was comin from the person who killed me but when i tried to run he killed me :frowning: (just to sum things up)