am going kill you iced earth

you have locked my post why did you do that

err this is spam and h8 male why not ask via private message than wasting space

If I locked it, I locked it because it was pointless spam. Next time you want to go and threaten me with another pointless topic, send me a pm. But then again, you would be too chicken to send me a pm because that would require real guts. Just saying something on the board proves you can type, saying something in a message is a far more personal measure. O yea, please make more stupid topics, I might be tempted to lock more of them.

go iced eath!how r ya,how r ya!!!

good on you iced earth

I wouldn’t mess with ice if I were you, lol.

what a fool! you need to learn how to choose your battles. he is a moderator you know.

This guy needs to be taught a lesson. Lock this post too and maybe he’ll learn not to spam.

its pointless. he is just another person who refuses to learn his lesson.

Well you could warn him…