Am i finally 1337 yet? :P

I r so FINALLY 100 combat :)…go meh?

gratz a ton on 100 combat you big noob!!! now try and catch up to me…oh dam =P

gratz and no ur not 1337. You gotta have 101 :stuck_out_tongue:

congratz wat are those cretures…I have been offline for 3 months so don’t call me a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

They are in the new “Pest Control” mini game…which is fantastic xp for anyone that wants to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

w0w u noob jkjkjk 101 is 1337 :slight_smile: nice lvl

thanx man :slight_smile:

Your not 1337 you big nub! Congratz though…:slight_smile:

you already pasted 1337, you big nub!!! ur overall is 1394!!!

Grats Zaber! You caught up to me, once again. :smiley:

Congrats on 100 :slight_smile:

y0u 4123 73l-l 1337 Pl<z4l>312 <0//g12475 0// 100 <0//\l>47!!!111elevenoneoneone!!!111!!!

whats crackin 1337 n33b? :slight_smile:


dam nice lvl and nice stats (farming is the best)

Congrats, nice combat level. :slight_smile:
You took too long to log back on, so I had missed it. Grats anyways.

u are an odd one

ooo very nice get 1400 total den ur be l33t

You can blame that on my mom :wink:

w0w gr347 j0b y@ d1r7y //00b111 c@//7 w417 7i11 i g37 0//3|-|u//[)r3[) c0//\b@7. nice job