America: Policing the world?

We are here to argue about whether America should be policing the world or not. Here are the two sides that I can think of:

America shouldn’t be forcing all those that don’t agree with its ideals to agree with its ideals. America shouldn’t invade other countries to get rid of a regime just because they feel like it. If someone says ‘I don’t agree with the US’ they should NOT expect to be bombed the next day. America should not be forcing other countries by force to do what America wants or chance being attacked, killed, or tortured.

The people don’t want to be helped. Take Egypt for example…we have a ‘President’ who is really a dictator. But we would rather have him than America invading. And many Americans don’t realize that.

America should be helping all those that need help. America should be bringing democracy to the rest of the world. It is their duty and honor to do that!

Yea…you can see what side I am on, eh ;p?

Alright…remember. No spamming, flamming and please research and make sure your points are true before posting. Also, remember…you have to have proof to claim your points.

With that said…let the debate begin.

Ofcourse not.

And they don’t care about countries without oil.

ok, i am an american, and i am a republican so i bet you can guess my stance on this topic. I believe the liberation of Iraq was justifiable. They had a dictator, as do many countries, however, he was extremely inhumane. There is where the difference is. Saddam Hussien massacred his people, and we also viewed him as a threat to the international community. This is different in other dictatorships, such as Egypt, but the main goal was to find nuclear weapons, however we did not. We set up a democracy because we believe that democracy is, obviously, the best form of government. Whether that be true or not, it is in the belief of the American Government. We did not liberate Iraq because we didnt like their form of government, we liberated them because we feel that it was for the greater good of the international community, and i beleive it was.

In response to whoever said that we only care about countries with oil that is simply not true. The fact is that the most turmoil at this time is in the middle east and coincidentaly that is where most of the oil is located. We stepped in to help france and great brittain and all other european countries in WW2, and how much oil is in Europe? We stopped Japan from leveling the far east, how much oil is over there? The fact is that we stop countries that are threats to the International Community, and yes, ourselves.

What about the dictators in africa that massacre their people. Oh wait, no oil.

LOL nice point.

According to a recent research by a UN subsidary organization, 7 out of 119 suspected weapons of mass destruction sites have been checked since the start of the war.

Let me bring this back a bit.

Saddam is an evil little guy that has TONS of weapons of mass destruction and wants to blow us all up. (-cries- a little. that was so scary) And we want to go in there and take those weapons out.

So we give them permission to go in there and then they say:

Well, we can’t find any weapons. And we really don’t want to find any weapons actually…too much work trying to prove non-existant weapons existed you know! But hey, we found some really cool oil that we want…so we stay here for awhile and act like we are helping them while we quietly take the oil out. Hshh…Don’t tell anybody!

What many don’t realize is this: Democracy is the best form of government for America. Sure. But not for us. We don’t approve of that system…since we have our own system that, when followed properly, is better than democracy.

Look what democracy did to Iraq. Before, the Iraqi currency was worth four freakin’ dollars. Now it’s less than four cents.

Before, people were living safely and leading normal lives. Now, bombs go off every day, there is no electricity or running water, and little insurgents running through the streets with bomb.

Yup! You did the best for Iraq! We should give you even more oil ;p

In your response of your oil remark, the US first started being intrested in ‘helping’ the middle east after the arabian countries, in an Arab-Israeli war, stopped giving oil to America and the West who supported Israel. That was a huge blow.

Since then, you wanted to prevent that from happening again…err, I mean help us find freedom ;p

Oh wait, how about the 1.4 billion dollars donated to the Social and Humanitarian Committee in the UN to help provide aid to refugees in the Congo and Liberia?

and to astro, stop attacking me, im not fighting you. What was the last two countries liberated by the US? Japan and South Korea. Everything that is going on in Iraq was going on there dirrectly after the liberation. but look at their economies now! Japan has the 2nd highest in the world! and south korea has the 7th! give it time people, and dear god get off the oil business, we have helped china, south korea, vietnam, all european countries, none of which have substantial oil reserves.

and yes, democracy is the best form of goverment, whether you want to beleive it or not. it may not be the least overthrowable, or the most powerful, but what do you want us to do? etablish communism in the middle east, thats exactly what we need astro.

Serg, I am not attacking you :slight_smile:

Just your points :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s stop looking at Japan and Korea. How does Iraq look right now?

it doesnt matter what iraq looks like right now, lets lok at it in 10 years.

You plan on staying there for 10 years!?

Wow…mixed views then.

So I was right and it is occupation. Last I heard, staying in a country for 13 years is occupation…

Dude…you need to stop and thinking of this. Everything is what you need. What you fear. Etc…

Have you ever stopped and thought: Hell! Maybe the Arabs need something else!?

Maybe they don’t want to be invaded and their oil stolen.

By the way, just to let you know. Saddam looks like an angel besides Hosni (Egypt’s President)…But that gives the US no right to come here and attack us.

well honestly we are going to be there a while, i dont really agree with 13 years either, however the US government seems to know what its doing, it hasnt screwed a country over yet. and i wasnt really saying being there for 10 years, i meant it just takes a while for an economy to get on its feet.

yes we stole their oil astro, thats why our gas prices have gone up 90% over the last 2 years…democracy IS the best form of government for any type of people, i know you wont agree witht that, but it is proven. and hosni isnt a threat to the international community, he lets weapon inspectors in and is generally respectful.

sorry about the dp

First of all, Hosni is respectful to America. Not to Egypt. So Egypt hates him and America doesn’t. That’s a reason why we wont get invaded.

Secondly, yes. Today, the United States has contracts that would legally bind us if we stop pumping oil. OUR oil…so in essense, you control what we do with OUR oil.

Thirdly, it’s been proven my point too. When the Islamic religion was followed properly, we made Math, hopsitals, medicine, and other significant advances in studies, while the world was peaceful and economy was good. At the end, people became corrupt and stopped following Islam properly so they started committing atrocities which made the empire fall.

How screwed up do you want Iraq to be!? Their currency dropped rock-bottom, their people lost everything. When will you admit that Iraq is so screwed up today…When there’s no one else or when they start a civil war!?

dude…the world doesnt just have communism and democracy.

Also the ONLY reason Bush got to send troops to Iraq was because he said that ther wre weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq was threatening our safety. Thats how he got there. Now his approval rating are about 25 percent for and the rest against him, everyone knows he lied, everyone knows he did it for the oil. You begin saying

“Mass destruction is very hazardous, lets get sadaam for it”
then all of a sudden, oops no weapons, well “Sadaam still was a bad guy huh huh huh” Well you know what Serg tell me who controls Iraq’s oil

THATS RIGHT!!! Europe and America, great you got what you wanted, dude if Iraq runs out of oil or something America would leave in a second.

again, yes iraq isnt good right now but give it 10 years, they will get on thier feet as did south korea, and japan. and it is not evil of america to buy oil from Egypt, if it is a contract then no one can call america satanic, even though they will. this is called neocolonialsim. and im not sure why you got off on religions, yeah youre islamic and we are christian, democracy is what we beleive in and it IS the best form of government for the people.

unless you know how things are ruled in Islam then dont argue, learn reasearch then just try and say democracy is best.

Stop and think for one second please.

Democracy is what YOU believe in. Democracy is NOT what WE believe in.

Stop forcing us to believe in your beliefs :slight_smile:

EDIT: Serg, we are just debating. I am really not attacking you.

YOU ARE A FREAKING IDIOT. If you honeslty think Bush lied, then you are a complete moron. He is not Omnicent, everyone thought there were WMDs there including the UN. AND GET OFF THE OIL!!! WE HAVENT EXPORTED ONE GALLON OF OIL FROM IRAQ SINCE!!! You are all using it as a scapegoat because you want to call ameirca evil soooooo bad, but you cant think of any other way!!!

Serg, yes, you have exported more than a gallon of oil.

The first thing that was done after the invasion was to secure the oil by giving it to American and European countries via 50-year contracts.