Well, most of the people say “america”, when they’re talk about the USA. It kinda pisses me off, because America is not only the US. Also the US is not North America, because Mexica and Canada are also there.

So just to make things clear, America =



Well, if you say you’re from America, people will understand where you’re from.

There’s only one country with ‘America’ in the name.
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Yea… It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, As King said, America is part of our acronym (sp?), but there is some truth to your complaint

why dont people say you are from the The Democratic People Republic of China? Why dont people say you are from The Central African Republic of the Congo Formorlly Known as Zaire? because people are lazy and they dont want to have to say the United States of America all the time.

It’s the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
What’s not to like about being from America? Easier to say (as serg said) than United States of America.
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sorry, i know the congo has gone through several name changes over the last few decades, they DDI have something about formerly known as Zaire though…

They used to be Zaire, but I think in 1995 they changed to the DROTC.
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when im talking about us, i just it the states, lol

and is it true chile might join NAFTA?

Mind explaining what NAFTA is?

north american free trade agreement, read in geo book chile might join, only members now are US canada and mexico

What is NAFTA. And ratox?

Who cares?

Like APEC?

And ARC, you’re a noob.

omg people from england dont say “im from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” do they i mean come on thats just stupid

United kingdom = England, scotland, ireland and wales.

Great britain = England scotland and wales.

Northern ireland = northern ireland. :slight_smile:

Depending on were you are from, people say that they are irish, scottish, welsh oh and how could I forget… English!

Telling people were you are from is hardly stupid when asked the question.

You call me a noob, when you’re offended because when people say I’m from america and you’re offended cause america is also brazil.

grow up!

Youre calling him a noob and sinking to his level. Seriously, you both need to stop flaming.

As for that whole thing, I agree with most above posts. ^ People are lazy.

there shuld be the United Economics of Japan, the United States of Arabia, the United Counties of Tibet, and the United Idiots of Taiwan.
and u can call the places japan, arabia, tibet, and taiwan…jus like america…

It’s just a term that has become popular but incorrect. I’m sure everyone knows the rest of America is there, it’s just common for us to call the USA, America. It’s the same way many people call Vacumn Cleaners, Hoovers (in the UK anyway). Hoover is a brand who made vacumn cleaners, so many people started calling them Hoover’s and now it’s a general term.

Not so…

Great Britain = England, Scotland and Wales
United Kingdom = Great Britain and Northen Ireland
British Isles = United Kingdom and Ireland