Amount of money?

i was just wondering, whats the normal amount of money for a lvl 70-80?

its because i dont know if im rich or poor…but i think im poor…for a lvl 78…

id like you to post whether you think im rich or not, and how much money you got yourself, and your lvl…

i have precisely 600k…

When I was around that level I had like 300k…I didn’t care about gold back then, so I think that’s a lot of gold for your level, but other people might say otherwise.

Well i have 1mill…but i suppose its ok :slight_smile:

Well hopefully 5-10m. I’m level 78 and had a had at level 77 but had not a lot of cash. Not to degrade you or anything but maybe you should have more (unless you have it in items).

Hmm, I think you should have a little bit more… To be honest.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

actually i have a dragon medium…but thanks for comments anyways…

Skate_Ilkley…do you mean i should have around 5-10mils?

Oh wait. You’re a member. Then you probably should have tons… IDK… depends what you’re like. If you’ve used the cash on stats then I suppose that’s alright.

Members usually have less because they need to spend money on members skills + items for quests and such.

well personally i had 2 mil at lvl 53 so lol but u r a meber so i can understand that i guess