amulet of banking

we should be able to get a amulet of banking so we can do stuff like when u go rune ess mining u wear the amulet of banking and when ure bag is full u can teleport it into the bank and you should also be able to take stuff out of it.

can you also post ure views about this on here as well

i dont think so because think of the economy: if you do that then it takes less time to mine things and the value of a lot of stuff will go down

it would be cool but the effects would be disasterous

No offence but thats just plain stupid. Think of it this way, you like to sell coal 100gp each. But guess what people bank and bank it and anyone can get it themselves in low amount of time. Eathier A. Know one will buy it or B. Coal is like 25gp A Peice.

it is a good idea and it would be good if jagex made another jemstone and if u enchant it then it turns into ammy of banking then u could teleport 2 bank when u want or to be able to acces ur bank account from whereever but if it was made that good then it would be rare and/or expensive with limited uses :frowning: :?: :stuck_out_tongue: :x :o :lol:

thats what i said! :stuck_out_tongue:

it sounds like a good idea but like they said people would be able to mine and stuff like that for so long that their lvls would sky rocket along with their cash

they could decrease the exp for mining stuff… but still the price would be out of proportion

what about if it was so expensive u couldn’t get it 4 less than 1mil

even still… bad idea

I think it is a bad idea it would be way to cheap like if you were in the wilderness about to die you could take off your stuff and store it in the bank.

wat about 5 mil :?: :?: :?:

i honestly dont like the idea lol sorry

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: thats a shame

I think this is a good point, a lot of the economy is based on the time it takes to do the work (like mining, chopping trees).

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Hmm… ammy of banking? hell no lol.
too many peeps will be able to make too much money in like an HOUR!

My idea… the, the, the…
Dragon claws, it’l be cool lol

Wat r ur views…?

Natures are a prime example of prices being high due to the time it takes to make! Imagine how easier it could be with an amulet like that.

not to mention that it would also screw up most pkers like me, because if someone is about to die, they could just take off all their stuff and teleport their stuff to the bank, and after i kill that guy i get nothing for the hard work. so as most people say, its a very stupid ideal.

yeah well just an idea