An akword sig :)

Yeah… Just something wierd i saw when i made my sotm entry…

it’ll look difrent for IE and FF users. Transperacy, transperacy, transperacy…

no it doesnt and well done on 1000 posts.

Ehh… THIS is my 1000th post… mwahaha i havent posted 1000 yet ;)…
Doh! I just did! lol… But yes it is difrent in firefox and internet explorer

He’s righ Alias. It looks the same. Anyways congrats on 1k posts. I wish you 5 more posts and maybe, just maybe beyond that. Lol. Congrats.

it looks same…

Did you see the same mosaic tut I did? =P It owns, eh? Lol. Pretty cool, owns mine.

Huh? I just did a mosaic… i never followed a tut.

WHAT TUT??? Tell me pl0x! Lol it sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

woaah lol sweet sig. I dont like the colors though :p. Do you still want me to pay you for that bart simpson sig? lol

~:crazy: spartan

Nah… u dont have to :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you’ve gone all looney in the head :jester:.

Mate, there’s no difference… Nonetheless, it is a great SOTM entry :D.

Awesome signature, Alias, but there is absolutely no difference. Are you sure you were fully cured when they let you out of the Texas Mental Institute?

Good Things
[ul][li]I like the colors![]The car color looks cool with that background![][/ul]
Bad Things
So, 9/10 :smiley: