An Automatic Lock for threads that have not been replied in 7 days

I feel that RSR should have a automatic lock for threads that have no replies for 7 days. This will not allow people to bump up old threads which could be annoying at times. I am not sure how this could be done, but I hope the admins will consider my suggestion.

Michael Won4

What would be the point though?

The reason we dont have that now is so that people can ask questions in old threads rather than making new ones.

If we have a cut off age, that leads more people to making new threads about topics that have been made before, rather than reviving old ones.

To not have old threads being bumped up all the time. I dont think this will happen though.

But its better to have old topics about something bumped, rather than people making new topics about them.

It helps to reduce spam.

This happens quite infrequently, so I can’t see the point.

It would also cause problems with threads that need to stay open, for more than 7 days without a post.

And what Miss Burnzie says.

I dont think it would reduce spam though. Id rather make a new thread, just my opinion.

i think it’s a good idea but it should go with the current rule, i can’t remember if it’s 1 month or 2 months since the last ost that you can’t repost.

so it should be after 1 or 2 months it gets locked.

One month ^^

No, there isn’t any point. It’d make less active forums look bad, and it would create spam and repetitive threads.

magekill has a point there, forums, the market, and hol and espacialy rsc would have so many locked topics, it look bad

We only frown on posting in old threads if it contains time-specific info. For example if you post on news that Jagex posted 2 years ago, that would be bad. However if you post a reply in question to the RSR rules, that would be fine.

Basically if a thread is irrevelent in the current time and place, it shouldn’t be posted it, elsewise we encourage it because it helps bring a deeper discussion instead of the same rehash of ideas.

I think you should just do a monthly clean out of the forums jsut delete month old topics that arent active…that would help create faster browsing of the site and would lessen the constant bumping of old topics