An idea

I know,how about this.why not jagex make some undercover mods ( as in they r mods but with no silver crown beside their names),when people r scamming stuffs,the undercover mods would just report them withour those scammers knowing that the mods r there,now this is a possible suggestion that maybe 1 day jagex would make.

And its for P2P’s,and not f2p,and i dont want any flamings about “HEY!! why must it be P2P and not F2P” or " HEY!!! P2P get everything" yabber this and yabber that bla bla bla bla bla

so any comments?

i have a question how can it be p2p only? and wouldn’t it be better if they could catch the f2p scammers too.

lol…like p2p undercover mods dont trade in f2p world like 1 or 29.

EDIT : lol i bet ur be asking what if the p2p undercover mods only go to world >>>>>1 and 29 jsut to trade,and whereas other worlds they dont bother to >>>>>go to.Well i have an answer to it,coz f2p worlds r always with people >>>>>and is a small world so it means that if some1 tries to scam,well f2p >>>>>players would just report coz well the world is small in f2p,so they >>>>>could see it with their own 2 eyes.

sooooooooooooo :confused:

so it means that they can catch scammers who r f2p.

:guilty: :confused: uhh im majorly confused :guilty: :confused:

How do you know that they don’t already have them?? Only having P2P is pointless because scammer will lose money if they get banned and people are generaly smarter on P2P worlds. They would be both though. F2P worlds are the same size as P2P worlds…(I think)

well u ask

so i answered it

well then y did jagex invented MODs for?since u said that p2p r smart

and f2p world’s r smaller than p2p

well then y did jagex invented MODs for?since u said that p2p r smart

and f2p world’s r smaller than p2p

Read the rules bro, You aren’t allowed to double post.

Now I said P2P are usually smarter than F2P because most people because a member when they’re played for a while and have pretty good stats.

I haven’t played in a while, so i wasn’t sure about the worlds.

yeah i know i double posted by accident,anyway i deleted it.

and yeah i know tthey r a lot smarter coz they pay to play and dont wanna get ban,and f2p r also quite smart in the sence of scamming,( for scammers only)

alot of p2p people scam actuly i have caught more p2p people scamming then f2p but im going to bed guys cya tommarow i guess

eer…maybe coz ur lucky enough so see a dum p2p and is gonna get banned coz of scaming.

[H5]No Offence To P2P Players[/H5]

its against the rules saying ur staff and you have no proof if your a mod so ppl could report ya

dude player mods arnt surposted too say there playermods undercovers would like be good becousei see freakign scamming inworld 1 like no tommorrow as soon as a player modshows up i see non becouse only a moron would try too scam when they see that crown

p2p mod dont bother with f2p usually

Why does it have to be p2p only? What does that mean, that it only works in p2p worlds?

ok…after reading some posts,i ahve absoutely no idea what u all meant,and i have no i dea y u said that it only works in p2p worls only,my idea is just to make rs a non-scamming place and some nice friendly enviroment (i have absoutly no idea why i said those words)

I’m just saying that I don’t understand what you meant when you said that it’d be p2p only… could you elaborate?

I like my limited vocab. >.>

it means undercover mods r for p2p “players” <= thats what i meant,for players