An ogre thats funky

Lol, rate 1-10 plz - ( this is mostly for being funny, so its not JolioJolio’ized

That’s creepy, it-it-it’s madness!!

ummmmm…5/10…I gusse.

Thanks so far guys =p

erm, first off is he supposed to be wearing the ammy? lol i would rate 8/10 , but because of the ammy 6/10 lol

LOL thats funny 10/10 cuz its so FUNNY

The ammy messes up the picture. I rate it a 5/10. If the ammy wasn’t there, I would rate your picture a 6/10 maybe.

lmao, 6/10 cuz of ammy, 8/10 if no ammy

5/10 because ammy would be 10/10 if ther was no ammy because its funny

lol i rate 3/10 cause its very stupid and its very bad made…

kinda spooky :?

Ok, You make something and post it.

Dont be mr.big shot, because that does not make me feel very good.

errrrrrr 3/10 candof pointless pick.

wow thats just really dumb 0/10

i can’t see it :cry: :cry: :cry:

I edited ur pic so that the ogre was actually wearing the amulet, i hope yous like it. Im not that good this my first ever fake pic so go easy on me

not really funny 5/10

err a bit odd 4/10