An unlucky morning

Well, I was training my new pure, and while I was walking back from training a mage attacked me. We kept hitting eachother down to 1HP at the same time, and this was the end result :(.

Poor you. :frown: What kind of Pure have you got?

DANG!!!Feel sorry for you. bring better food than Stew tho.

doesnt stew like heal like 11 health?

you should get lobesters. Oh well, Hope you get better luck next time…

Unlucky…Lose anything of value?

lol wot lvl iz ur pure?

bring better food

stews good food, just doesn’t do much good if you don’t eat it =(

too bad. You sould have ran if you saw a mage lol. I would have go on my pure ranger account and own him lol.

You pk with stew? That’s…interesting…

Very interesting…my dear Watson…lol

If only you had a lobster, you would have owned the mage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, as I said in my first post I was training, that’s why I had stew…Yeah I train in wildy.

I’m pure strength, and I don’t usually fight mages unless they are a few levels lower. I only lost a rune scimmy and a strength ammy :slight_smile: so no bad. That’s around 30k.

geez you shoulda ate it is prety dumb not to eat when you have stuff like that but that isnt a bad loss when i die i louse about 200k in items >_>

Sometimes it is better not to eat.

Where is the logic behind that? The only time you shouldn’t eat is if someone is attacking you while using smite.

Hehe, stew is a pretty intresting choice of food. You’ll get em next time though :slight_smile:

Or when your life isn’t in danger, it’s better to eat up to full when low, it puts them on the defensive.

Rofl you peekay with stew! ROFL!