Anibal Kingdom II

as u guys noe that my first comp. colsed down due to 2 many orders, thus i have learnt my lesson and wanna start out again…


clay: 5gp ea max 400
tin: 15 gp ea max 400
copper: 15gp ea max 400
iron: 100 gp ea max 200
silver: 250gp ea max 100
gold: 300gp ea max 100
coal: 175gp ea max 300
mith: 300gp ea max 100
addy: coming soon
rune: not so soon


bronze: 30gp ea max 400
iron: 200gp ea max 200
steel: 550gp ea max 200
silver: 300gp ea max 100
gold: 350gp ea max 100
mith: 1k ea max 100
addy: coming soon
rune: not so soon


normal: 50gp ea max 200
oak: 20gp ea max 500
willow: 30gp ea max 500
yew: 300gp ea max 300


Trout: 20gp ea/25gp ea max 100
Salmon: 30gp ea/ 35gp ea max 100
tuna: 50gp ea/ 70gp ea max 100
lobbies: 200 gp ea/ 250gp ea max 100
swordies: 250gp ea/ 300gp ea max 100


normal bones: 50gp ea MAX 200
Big bones: 350gp ea max 150


cow hides: 100gp ea max 200
ess: 35gp ea max 2000
limps: 500gp ea max 20
red spider eggs: 500gp ea max 20
feathers: 10gp ea max 5k
like the last time, u can request for other service u need
5 orders at a time, others can post first but have to w8!!

  • munybags2: 1k bronze bar

-1434runescape:1k clay, 200 iron bar, 100 raw salmon,100 raw tuna

pls collect the items within 1 week after completion or else items will be given to the nxt person…

maybe i’ll help u when u have some orders coming in. :slight_smile:

lol…sure…but that’s only when there r orders lol

so pls help me!! i need money urgently!

your prices to high. maybe try lowering them, or check out some other shops and copy their prices, lol. then you’ll probably recieve good business. (also, if 1 item is becoming so popular to handle, increase the price on it, and people will surely stop ordering it)

this is the ingame price…i’m just opening this shop to c if i can do something as i’m bored…i can sell higher then this in game so wat’s wrong… i must say that URE prices r 2 low spoiling the market price…so u should increase URES

max order on:

iron bar
raw salmon
raw tuna

username: 1434sweet

ok ure order is in

ok ure order is in

ill take max on bronze bars

ok ure order is in 2

aika07 has said that since there r no more order, he’s gonna close down his shop after these 2 orders.