Animation Programs!!

Does any1 Know a name of a very easy 2 use animation program? Plus i am getting Paint Shop Pro 9, so i can make my own Sigs/Avatars!!


Well Flash is pretty awesome… you can make like Stick Death cartoons with it, and also things like games. Download a trial here:

Click on Try Flash MX 2004

flash isn’t a animation program! It’s for making flash applets…

Jasc Animation shop is good. You can get a free demo on it’s website.

Actually you can use it as an animation program, and export the file as an animated GIF, so it can be used as an animation program.

Thanks for all the help but i need 1 that can make a good siggy that works i do have 2 i am getting but i would like more help from u guys!!


Lol…It’s all about ImageReady! w00t w00t!