Animations for Dummies

Right now I’m a “dummie” on using animations. I’m wanting to make an animation with a text on a sig but dont know how? How do you?

im no better at this than you are probably, but lets say you wanted your sig to flash between something like 80 combat then 85 woodcut then 70 mining, make 3 sigs, with each one then go to yahoo and search for a gif animator (you’ll need to save the sigs as gifs) and you can animate the 3 of them to continuously play

thanks. I’ll try it out. I’ll post the completed sig…

saving it as gif has made the pic fuzzy? Is there anything I ccan do about that?

Try animation shop 3

Lots of people use it (i don’t though) and it’s pretty good.

Save it as a *.jpg or *.jpeg

Save it as a *.jpg or *.jpeg[/quote]

Is animation shop 3 a website?.

i suggest you listen to jacob, he probably knows more than me

Lol thanks

Search ‘Animation Shop 3’ on google. I’ll go find the link now if you want.

Here’s the link

You will have to create an account if you want to trial it.

I’ll download it too, hopefully it’s easier than fireworks :?

OK thank you. Maybe this Topic has answered others questions.