~ ANOTHER 1k Arrow PK ? ~

Last week, I got over 1,000 steel arrows from a kill deep in the wilderness. History nearly repeats itself as I kill this level 50-something for just under 1k iron arrows. P.S. - My pure is only level 43.

P.S. - Feel free to make fun of my outfit :wink:

Oh well. Maybe you can sell them for a few gp or give them to your ranger friends.

Nice kill, 1k arrows will sell for about 20-25k

Maybe we could pk together wit my lvl 60cb mage who has 64 magic. I know its low but i got a lot of kills with it. Add dragonbaoz or coolcicada

good job did you ever get your ranging goal i forget

I stopped ranging, it was too boring. :wink:

That was on my main, though - this is my pure.

why do they always bring so much rofl.

i stopped carrinying so many arwos pking to risky

I also stopped carring so much runes (i know this is about arrows), It was too risky…

Your outfit sucks.


^ Hehe, thanks Paul :wink:

I started with a sweet outfit, but I killed a noob with a bunch of armor. I thought it would be smart to go with protection rather than looks :wink:

you should pk with my pure…hes lvl 42 now about to be 43 and he is a strength pure that i learned how to do from you!! lol…pm me if ya wanna go

don’t worry, arc. your outfit is gangsta ;p

lol nice pk… 20k profit right there. BAM! as the guy on the colgate commercial would say…

u killed the guy as soon as ulogged in???

^ Pretty much…

Nice kill! Your outfit is worth like, how much? 2 mil? Why would you ring that in the wild?

And grats on 4K posts

Thanks McClaren :wink:

And as far as how much the outfit is worth - that all depends on what the iron plate is worth. I could probably get a couple mil for that alone…

Heh, if you want a funny outfit, get 40 range and wear this…

Dhide chaps
Dhide vamps
Chefs apron
Chefs hat
Str ammy

gratz on the kill. is he a stre pure? ur outfit is da best

Yes, he is pure melee/pure/prayerbeast. I will make him a hybrid after Christmas.