another good thing happened today :)

i got my 4th frog random in a 3 day period !!! lol 6 in all srry i had to put my santa in the pic i wub it sooo much

Cool, Yesterday I got 6 frog randoms. ): It scares me.

Yea man, I get so many randoms, I usually drop whatever they give me, enless its a rarer gem…


nice man congrats nice santa too

the only thing nice is that santa hat :smiley:

hey you hacked my accoutn and stole my santa!!!

damn ive never had a frog random…yes i am wierd

But i am the proud reciever of 8 random events in 38 minutes

not that hard if ur cooking lol u get like 15

Congrats! I have only gotten the frog random once, but I was logging out when it happened so I didn’t get anything.

What do you guys do to get so many randoms?

me well i stop drop and role

Do something whihc involves a lot of clicking, ie cooking, fishing wc’ing.

God i hate them bloody frog tokens they do my head in

i had 7 today… lol wcing at rimmington yews guess the system thinks im an auter like the rest of the people

nice lol ive got 8 frog tokens in thee bank hehe

Lol that is pretty cool on the account that I have only gotten 2

1 on my noob account
1 on my main

those froggies are stalking me…they just wont leave me alone…

LUCKY i never got one…:frown:

the frogs man…they came outta the trees i swear! lol:)

I hate random the frog thing is gay but whatever congrads