another level : 102 combat and 78 defense


101 went back quick

thats my friend who im attacking i leveled on him

nice job man! you are really trying for that goal of level 123 eh? (by the way why is your goal not 126?)

well my plain is to get 99 att str def and hp

then i will go to greens for pray lvls till 123 because 126 needs to many pray lvls

Wow, you’re leveling up really fast for your level. How much do you play runescape each day?

good job!
im only lvl 76
and 0ne bug str n00b

She or He probably plays 4-7 hours =p

God u were lvl 100 like… 2 week ago was it? lol.

Good job, im lvl 97 tryin for 100.

i could get from 91-102 in about 2-3 weeks easily lol, but im to lazy, i just pk all the time :roll:

i dont think u can that is wat to much xp