Another Michael Jackson Pic :P

While being taken advantage of, and fletching for someone for free, I got bored and made this pic. It’s rushed and it’s got absolutely no effort into it, but I think it’s moderately funny.

(Yes, i know, Michael Jackson’s wearing a Legends Cape :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :O)>

~ ewok

Lol…nice one…very creative idea…and…erm…is this to be rated also?

:gangster: ~Raven

Rate if you wanna rate :p, it’s just something that came into my head due to boredom. I get funny ideas when I’m bored :smiley:

~ ewok

Lmfao lmfao!! Nice one!!! But, It Might Be OFfensive to mj fans

rofl…that’s hilarious and pretty accurate too :stuck_out_tongue: 10/10

Lmfao… if that’s how you come up with your ideas, then seriously get bored more often. That’s hilarious even though it’s rushed.

(What Michael Jackson fans?!)

Lol, thumper, u have a point there! :stuck_out_tongue:

lolololololololololololol nice pic

nice… it very good 10/10

Haha!! That is hilarious 9/10.

Lm fing ao!!! 10/10! You made me pee my pants lol.

!!!.. i have no words for that…(Ohh wait i do pulls out a whole 2000 word essay<lol)
Its hilariously funny… nice idea, lmao i am still laughing…!!!

lmfao! thats good even though it was rushed! 9/10

another great pic 10/10

perfect for him lol
great 10/10

woah woah woah! back it up here… mj has fans?.. i didnt know people liked gay people… but then again alot of people must have seen the paris hilton tape atleast 80 times…lol

Lmao , classic!

lol that rocks

i find that quite offencive

:frowning: It’s only supposed to be a joke, lighten up. Admit it, it made you laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok