another poem, want comments

Okay, i was at school today, and we were having clubs. I dont have a club so i had to go to a teachers room and just sit there until clubs were out. I decided to write a lil sumtin sumtin. Its not for anyone particular, but when i find someone who i feel this way about, i might give it to them.

I like you more then words can say,
but I try to express it any way.

Not a day goes by that i don’t think of you,
I hope me and you will always stay true.

My feelings aren’t strong enough to call it love,
but they still fly out to you like a dove.

I don’t ever want to lose you,
because it took long enough to find you.

Your the person i want to be with forever,
I hope you feel the same so we can be together.

My heart and soal is put into your time,
I hope yours will be able to become part of mine.

This could be my mind playing tricks on me,
but if your with me I don’t think that could be.

I hope you take this poem to heart,
so me and you will never part.

Please comment on it.

all I can say is WOW. I read it like a song, I already got a beat for it. I’m a boy, but I don’t know what kind of girls could say no to that, wow. I’ll get a beat on my guitar, one sec runs to bedroom, and dude, that sounds like love, lol.

Ya, i want some girls/women to comment on it cuz i dunnno if any girls would actually like this.

This fit’s better in the Stories and Tales forum. Anyway, lovely poem. Who will be the lucky girl who gets that I wonder… :slight_smile: .

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NO. please keep in off topic. PLEASE. more people look in off topic and i want as many comments as humanly possible. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN OFF TOPIC.

lol, hehe.

Oh, and 6th phrase, is that supposed to be “heard” or “heart”?

this is what I’ve got so far for the song, lol:

“I like you more than words can” (haven’t figured out the “say” yet)

Really basic, I know, but I made it in 2 mins, lol.

Heart, i just edited.

moved to the correct forum

Dude, i asked for it not to be moved, it technically is “off-topic” so that means it can stay in the off topic forum.

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yeah story and tales has like 0 veiwers… kinda like the wildy section =(

Keyser, im beggin you to move this back to the off topic forum PLEASE.

Wow, amazing. That is trully hella good.

Makes it like he wrote it and gives this poem to his GF

Im just kidding, it’s awesome!

Nice poem, if you want a girl to read it for her opinion you should say something on your signature maybe…

nice poem nolty. what grade are you in???

Im in 11th grade, Junior.

ooo thats a pretty good poem :slight_smile:

very very good poem…

very nice, i enjoyed it, if you have the time would u check mine out possibly :slight_smile: <3 and keep up the good work

time for a new poet to rise by the name of nolty

no but really he is one of the best