another twin pic

yes another one but this time it’s me with someone else :stuck_out_tongue: i’m the one on the left

Mayby its fake with the stair…but if not…WOW! TWINS!

Cool. It’'s not fake. The stairs are in East Ardougne near the castle like thing I believe.

lol kewl.
sickmate 8)

ok then its TWINS!

Twins… :slight_smile: I like!! Lol that’s pretty cool :cool:


the stairs arent even lined up… and are you copying my style!!!

Ahem the stairs aren’t lined up because she’s at some place in Ardoughne where some weird stairs don’t line up… Lol


nice work keep more coming in

i think its a fake… but if not, kool

definatly a fake u can tell by the stares

peps believe me… it’s not fake… it were the stairs in front of the white knight castle in falador and it’s not fake!

Oh you was in Falador… My bad… And people why would wplayer make this a fake? It’s just two girls… Who look like identical twins… sigh LOL