anthony's buddy shop

first 3 people get free buddies!

could i help u with your shop

ok you make another sample of the kit u use and i’ll use my kit

heres my sample that i just made

tisk tisk u should know how to do it b4 i hire u

i mean really it dont work try the direct link to images in and put

IT would not work without putting IMG if you put img it wont work and make sure u put the adress in between like this like that!

now look at this that u put b4

look at it now

if it dont work u got da wrong code again right klik on my code for it and press copy link location…

do the same process as above

i want 3 buddies please

  1. full green dragon hide, maple short, an addy arrow in opposite hand, coif if there is one, and power ammy
  2. full rune, power ammy, rune battle axe,
  3. full blue mage robes /w hat, fire staff, anti-dragon fire shield, power ammy

please and thankies!

can i plz have the one thats says who r u? and a guy in full blue mystic with staff of air elemental shield and ammy of magic plz ty very much

yes yes who are you is my favorite one thats why i updated it…

ill get your order later soul its kinda big in the mean time…


sorry for writing in big letters but i am mad!



sorry to say but i dont like jolios kit buddies and not to flame but ur buddies suck

ya i only really feel comfortable usin the other kit but i lost it if u can give me a link to the other one ill use dat 1

thank you


?? didnt work lets c if this does

Thats sum1 elses sigs i forbid you to use that and ill go report to a mod if you don’t!!

I will give u 2 days to take them off bolwer mike!! i gave you no permission to use them!!

what u talking about i m sorry i thought they were mine and what do u mean u didnt get my permission for what? sorry for the confusion but im new to this and i didn know sorry

ok sorry u didn’t know my method is u pm me and ask permission for them