any drop for the holidays?..

just wondering is there a drop today


alright ty

OoOoOo!! ur a turkey!??!?!? im starved! just one bite? :smiley:

Thanksgiving is an American holiday not English…

bite my white meatey ***

lol good one turbo

hey any one wana buy some zammy legs?.. im trying to get ride of um

ya they are not planning on having one for just an american holiday

im not saying the Thanksgiving is a bad holiday (im american) it is actually one of the best but they will not have one on Thanksgiving ever

sure anytime :smiley:

Thanksgiving started in the 1600s, RuneScape is in the middle ages, so they’ll not have a drop.

hey any one wana buy zammy legs…? msg back

that doesn’t have anything to do with pretty much anything at all

yeah, christmas was in the year 0 rs takes place in the 1600’s
god im good!

JaGeX is British. Britians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

How much???

of course they dont have a drop!!! what do yyou think there gona do??? giv everyone feathers and cook them?lol although i have to say my turkey was good 2day!:slight_smile: