Any Ideas?

Hey people! I am not the best computer artist, but I have done a few ok fakes, so do any of you have any ideas for a beginner fake maker? Please do not post anything that would be extremely hard or impossible for a novice artist to make.

Brother, you should make a tree eating a kitten!! I asked the arrow but he didn’t really do it. lol

how bought the kal queen with a santa or party hat

nice ideas, I will get started on one of these, but I will not say which one so it will surprise you!

make an ent look evil! red tree base… make it look pure evil.

good idea

ok, i am currently workin on 3 fakes, so please no more suggestions until i say so ok? thank you
edit: i have finished one and i am fixing to make a thread on it if you want to see it

how long will it take u

I made the Kalphite Queen one, and then I made one of my own (rat riding) and in a little while I will start on the tree eating kitten and the evil ent.

Can you give us a link to the kq one?

its here in the screenshots forum, named kalphite clause, and the rat one is called ride 'em cowboy
edit: i tried making the tree eating the cat and the evil ent but they came out bad so i did not do the finishing touches so i will not post them, but i am now accpeting more ideas, but do not think i will make every one of them

Why don’t you make yourself a nice sig? No offence but you you have to admit that your current one loks a bit messy. The pictures you have done are pretty good.

I know my sig looks messy, but I like it that way


come on…no one has anymore ideas?

Fine, I’ll make my own tree eating a kitten! humpf!

lol! sorry but it looked very bad

maybe kbd with a blue p hat? :lol: and if you do it and it comes out good, and its the proper size maybe can i use as my sig? justa question a no never

ill try that rangerfrog, and sure you can use it as your sig if it looks cool

i think it will come out great most of your work does :!: