Any more ideas.

In the last few days I have made the following fakes: Someone riding a rat, the Kalphite queen wearing a santa hat, a guy holding a cat, someone dying on spikes, someone stuck in quicksand, and someone getting hung. Any more ideas for fakes for me to make?

How about someone floating face down in a pond or something referring to that they died drowning… Sorry, I bet that sounded really lame…

Hmmmm, I can try that, but before I confirm if I will do that geminiman, I will have to think about how it can be done, so I may do it, just let me think a bit.

If you can get a good screen on a character dying (When the character is face down on the ground) then you can use that and then put him on top of the water and then just color the sides in with the color of the water or just shade the sides with a transparent blue so it would look like he drowned… Sorry that I wasn’t much of a help…

but then he would be all scrunched up, i considered doing the dance emote, but he would not look flat, so im not sure, let me think a bit more

Oh, do the characters also scrunch up when they lie on the ground? I thought they layed on the ground flat… Yeah… Maybe you can get a side shot of a character doing cheer…

can someone please give me some more ideas?

There’s a rack in the varrock sewers.

Do you think you could get a guy tied up on it?

And in medieval times they used to get peoples heads and pike them on castle gate spikes.

Could you to that with heads and top halves of bodies?

  • there’s the sadist coming out again!

T_T… Of course my ideas aren’t that great and isn’t sadist enough like Slortar’s… Umm, how about umm… Using some of those big decorative bones to add to Slortar’s ideas and make like a torture dungeon then?

Yeah, and maybe monkeys running the dungeon with whips and brands.

Some monkey can be operating the stretch rack.

I no how you can get the die in the water dying. Get a picture of some1 cheering right when there hands are in the air. Then cut out the player and rotate him until he is verticle. Then get a picture of arrows and stick it in his back. Put the player in the water! Ta Da! I’ve taken the liberty of doing it for you! So here it is!

Cool huh!

Hey… That’s a pretty good picture… A little messy on the paint job but I’d give it a 9/10…

Thanks, I could have psent all day on it making the blood contrast with the water but I couldn’t be bothered.

make a pic of someone being stabbed with a scimy =)
oh and can u also make a pic of a greater with drag b axe and sheild
thanks =)hope u like my ideas

Okay zombyra97! here is your picture you requested!

Im starting a new thread to put my pics in as im sort of intruding in calenel’s! srry! :cry:

P.S I couldn’t find a drag battle axe, but i think the scyth looks better!

ok i am up out of bed (it is 7 am here) and i am leaving fro school shortly but i will do those when i get home froim school, and handmedown please dont do any more of the ideas requested here thanks

Can you do a pic showing a Giant Chicken with a guy in his mouth attacking varrock lol?

lol, ill try when i get back from school