Any Smash Bros. Melee fans in the house?

Who here likes Smash Bros. Melee for the gamecube. I don’t have a gamecube but I’ve played this game at my friends house and it’s really addictive. If you play this game wats your favorite character? My favorites are Roy (from fire emblem) and Sheik (Zelda games).

I love Super Smash Bros. My favs are Link, Roy, and Yoshi.

BloodFire :hot:

Oh yeah yoshi he is good too especially when they added the ability to chew opponents lol. :slight_smile:

Ah I love that game. My favorite characters have got to be Falco and Roy.

Kirby pwn5 j00!!>!>!>

Falco for Life, and Roy for boredom.

gandolf is the best!!!

gandolf is just a cooler and stronger version of falco

cant wait for it to some out on nintendo reveloution :smiley:

it has the capability to play other players around the world and it costs totaly vilch!

when it comes out on reveloution i will start a competion on it and the winner will have lets say 1mill prize (i record it on tape then transfer to pc)

“Gandolf” as what you call it, is Ganondorf, and hes not the counterpart of Falco, hes the counterpart of Captain Falcon. He’s to slow anyway.

Roy is definitely my favorite.I like fox better than falco cause of the rapid fire blaster.Falco still has the blaster that fox used in the original Smash Bros.
ps: Awesome sig Sturaiku! Do u know where i can get a ranger sig of my character?

I play as roy(not so good) samus(better) and zelda/sheik(OWNS). I can take on 3 lvl 8’s for practice.

I normally pick 3 level 9 randoms when I use falco, or marths when I use Roy. Their AI isnt that hard to beat considering you can kill them at around 80% each. (Hit Ratio 0.5)

the best is falco!but kriby is the funnyest!!!

No WAY!! is kirby the funniest. Mr. Game And Watch Pwns dem all!!! :talktothe

Right here! beat it over 5 times. it gets boring though…getting all the trophys, my fave character is definately Kirby (seriously) becus he can fly, absorb others. and i own with kirby.

Ilove that game too and challenge all my friends* still undefeated by any of them* My favs are Falco, and Marth

P.S. I play all characters fairly, well some more than others!
Highest hit damage woithout dying is 540 percent against a lvl 9 (highest lvl)character

NO…you all will bow down to the master drumrollThe master is…Pikachu!He pwns!I will own you all with pikachu!

lol are u serious? i hate Pikachu…hes so slow and just all out not good. Pichu better but not by much

Pikachu is fast but isn’t a very good character. Roy and Marth own with decent speed very powerful attacks and they look awesome. Another good character is bowser he has great strength and endurance.

Lol ill WHOP any1 with Pikachu…I kick soo much but with him…But Roy and Marth are good,i like Marth better.But im just good with Pikachu,i can move fast and land attacks like nothin

Woot…Mario owns all!!!