Any suggestions on where to work on ranged for a lv 69??

I am lv 46 ranged any suggestions from very well experienced archers?

Lol … It Says “Ranged 69” Title

46 I would Guess Moss Giant / Lesser Demons

er oops soz… my ranged is 46, and my combat is 69 sorry for the confusion…:?

no moss or lesser go for reg giants till 60 range then moss

go for cows and drags and sell me the hdies :slight_smile:

try white knights in the torture room in falador, 2nd floor, im 47 ranged and thats what i do :o :roll:

KK, i guess i am gonna stick to my regualar course with the giants

No i am an experienced ranged with 64 ranged now get to moss giants, they give nice xp and even i level quickly there and im combat 68…

umm on that island u have to pay 30gp to get on go in there and traing agasit lesser demons hid in the rock were they cant get u its funny u can get tem but they cant get u its wimpy but wat the heck every1 dose it

foolish he is f2p and so am i, i have 72 range and i went to moss at 60

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If you’re a member then 40 and up just guild.