any sword collecters out there? i sure am

does anyone here besides me collect real swords?

im not rich enough to afford a real sword lol


Yep, I do, I love swords and guns but I like swords and knives and bladed weapons the most. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about them. :smiley: :twisted: :smiley:

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lol blue, how many swords do you currently own? i have 17, id have more because i can afford them but my parents dont want me “wasting anymore money” as they see it

I like sniper rifles. I have a paintball gun with quite a few sniper attachments but I don’t own a real sniper rifle yet. Have you ever shot a few cokes cans from 300 yards away and hit them dead center? I think not.

lol iced, ive never even tried hahaha

my brother collects swords…
hes 21…

and iced, i most certainly have

for any of you fellow sword collectors, what type of sword do you favor the most? i absolutely love medieval swords!

I have Three swords right now, a katana, tanto, and a wakazashi but i have about 10-15 knives. I’m about to buy some more swords tho. I love Japanese oriental swords samurai ninja stuff :smiley:

i hate the swords now-a-days, they all suck and fall apart in your hands… but i got a few

I dont have any swords but im workin on getting a job and getting some samuari swords, long swords, great swords, and all other types. Ima also get some pimp ass(excuse my french) throwing knives. And ima design my own throwing knife/dagger. If i had a scaner i would post it here but ya i dont have one lol.

i have a parade machet,but i like guns more,i got a hand musket too,its in my room,on the wall,i just love it :oops:

My friend is supposed to be getting a Katana some time.

maybe because you buy cheap swords? and just to let everyone know, i ordered a battleaxe today! ill post when i get it in to tell you about it!

yay calenel send us a pic of it

my brother has broad swords, scimitars, falchions(?) and samurai swords

send a picture of the battleaxe im buying? ok ill do that, and i might takes some pictures of some of my swords too! just gimme a little while ok?

okie dokie

heres the battle axe i ordered this morning but i will take the pictures of the swords later

ooh shiny