any wars coming up soon?

are there any wars coming up?

usually there are some good wars between clans now-a-days. but im not sure of any anytime soon

u could just join a clan then yell at another clan leader there you go a war

I think there is one between freedom fighters and the green and gold gand on december 1st

lol, no, its not a battle, otherwise it wouldnt b in noob wildy shiver bwc, worst place to do any real pking, o well, we can kik their butts

i think the red dragon division is allying themselves with the green and gold gang…

i know, they are noobs also, 60’s…lol…of no concern to freedom fighters, we arent showing any of our allies yet lol, but in case it means anything to anybody, we got sumthin maybe with anarchy

Hey! lol. :lol: who’s anarchy?

Yes, the Red Dragon Division clan is allies with the Green and Gold Gang, but i’m not sure if we’re going to be going into war. I still don’t know what the time is.

who’s anarchy??? :?

Who is the Clan Leader of the Red Dragon Division?


infiltrator is

the black ice knights are trying to find some 1 to go to war with. 8)

im not sure…

dude lvl 60’s arent noobs although im uhhh well i got hacked but i was lvl 72 dude dont critizize people just cause there lvl 60’s people i know are like lvl 5 and they have a higher total then me cause they dont train combat only money making stats so just shutup about whos a noob or not and dont u understand its not about levels its all about experience i thought a mod would understand that but a “noob” like me did so think about that u noob