Any1 got any career ideas 4 me?

I’ve finished my last year of collage now and im stuck. I have no idea wat to do, I dont really wanna got university cos i h8 work and exams too much, but on the other hand i dont want no lame job where i get 5p a hr so has any1 got any ideas?

Voice Act For Cartoon Characters! (YAY!! LOL)

somthing in i.t.

Unemployment seems to be stuck in my head.

There is always the Military, with college you can join as an officer

Nice ideas here guys i dont know why i didnt ask u
How about professional Bum?

Hmm! Great Idea! (You Have Self Esteem Promblems U Have To Settle) Lol Hope You Are Being Sarcastic.

lol dont worry i was jkin, nice idea bout the army i was thinking that but i dont like being shouted out to b honest it gets me angry so i think i would b kicked out pretty quick. o well anymore?

i know! work at Taco Bell! think of the discounts

Hmmm tacos i like that idea, if the discounts 10% and over u got a deal.
p.s aint any1 got a idea to become really rich? plse tell me

trust me…a few months at taco bell and all the money u save from discounts! u be rich in no time! lol jk…im tryin to think u up some good career choices though, seriously.

if u live near beaverton or hillsboro, oregon u could get a job at the Nike Employe(sp)store my brothers work there and the prices are 50% less than other nike stores

Ty Chaos I think ur ideas the best so far as always :smiley: and drkhero im the in uk and was thinking something like police but i aint sure

ty, or u could be a manager of a Hooters …my cousin is and he says he loves it!..
O and actually a policeman or fireman would be a nice career choice. helping people out in the community :slight_smile:

YESS PLSE!!! Choas i gotta love ur ideas, what do u think of profestional Gay assassin (im amature at the moment) jkin
p.s choas even though u r giving me these amazing ideas ur going to have to do better 4 me to forgive u about attacking me :smiley:

…ohhh :frowning: sry i didnt even know i attacked u…and are u sure it was me who actually did attack u?

na im only jkin, i got ur rune kite anyway so i dont know why im complaining at u. I think u did attack me but not on perpose it was g unit that tried to kill me the muppet.

got my rune kite at the drop? ohh cool grats :slight_smile:
G unit tried killing me too…that pansy.

I think we should double team slap him choas nxt time we see him, is he on rsr anyay coz i aint seen him be4?

Read a book called rich dad poor dad. It is really helpful to a person in your position. But if you want a real “job”. How about best buy.