any1 want a deathmatch

any lvl i don’t care i am lvl 60 soon 61 we walk to lvl 25 wildy and then fight till death no food.
|gandalf 2019|//:smiley:

Are there any rules for the death match? Any armor rules or magic or range rules or whatever?

What type of items will you have with you?

He has 60 mage…

oh i will but we use food :wink: and armor let me get some d hide and it will be p2p k

ill dm u jester w lvl 94 i play by u hold 100k+ cash tho when fighting other wise thers no point

il dm you you pm me now im on

id dm u but i dont think ud want to fight a lvl 89 :smiley:

I’ll dm u with my lvl 62 amost 63. But we have to use food or its not a real match. It’s all about the first few hits since im a pure i wont win if theres no food allowed.

i will dm u how about we bring 4.5m with us :smiley:

lol a few rules:
no armour
no food
for either of us i will just use my scimmy probably guys

i am f2p* cyring uncotrolably* saldy…
soz 4 double post archas

pm me tre cool22 .:warning be perpared to die:. i play the the rules we both hav full d hide and a rune wep and any shield hola?

I’m up for it, add me. RSN=Jaguar1230

any lvl? ok ill dm u ^_^…

i said no armour that means no d hide

Let me guess, no armor means protect item…? Lol, no thanks.

lol no prtect item then and we both have skulls be4 the fight i use my mage he he:D

lol pindini those 2 people we were killing were sissy then like 3 more people come lol

I’ll dm you at chaos alter, nowhere else. show inventory beforehand, I don’t want you teleing on me…a few questions…How are we both going to be skulled? Is it ok if we both hold 100k? My guy is somewhere around lvl 60, btw. Do monk’s robes count as armor? Are ammys ok? How about strength pots? Prayer?