anyone hear about the new osama video?

my geo teacher was talking about a new video released by osama, anyone heard about it and anyone have a link to it? it said something about a holy war in sudan

Never heard of it but I would like to see…

Yeh , heard of it in NEWS, but didnt pay much attention lol

read a little about it in the paper
1 thing it said was “this is the first vid in 3 months”
i was like…weres the other tapes? i never heard of them
anyway, i it just said more threats…which i think is just like trying to scare us to the point that we wont believe a thing he sends us, than he’ll accually attack and we’ll be like “omg we should have paied atention to that 1!”
and someone said something that they said something on the news thanin some of the tape bin laden was talkign about a truce

My Social Studies teacher mentioned it today as well, though, I never watch the news so I don’t know much about it…

it was on news 2 days ago I think here