Anyone here nice and trustworthy?

I’m looking for someone to take me out pking with them i’m lvl 24 and i can’t kill that must stuff but if u kill someoen, and u dont’ want any of their gear, i can loot them :slight_smile:
f2p runescape

i can! ill even buy you replacement gear, i cant pk with you today but i can tommorow

take your pick!
Owl Fluff - mage 26
Owl Gunner - archer 25

Darn, I would but my accouts are lvl 34 and 37. =(

i don’t think u get wat i mean, i don’t wanna pk anyone, nor anyone pk me but err i just wanna go off and loot stuff that people dont’ want (thats if people die) and i can hold items for u and go back to teh bank and go back to where u are (win*win situation)

I am trust worthy. I obey the ways of the ten commandments well i try and i know that i shall not theft

if u are on Aim pls i.m. me @ pers0naljesus88



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im lvl 25 pure ranger with 37 range soon to b lvl 38

I have a lvl 31 pure ranger (with 10def)

ammy of power and addy arrow f2p ownage!

y the hell did u triple post ???
neerrgrraagghhh to many posts.

i would bbut theres 2 problems,
1 i dont have any spare armor for wild…im kinda low on cash
2. my lvl is almost 3x ytour lvl so if u get attacked theres probly not going to be a chance that i can help u cause im to high

Thats pathetic


oh yea i’m on runescape rite now @ d2hacker88

bs free since 6/11/89 (birthdate)