anyone know where hallow trees are?

i need some splint bark armor and i dun know where hallow trees are located. Can someone please help me?

I believe they are somewhere near mortania but im not sure

theres a couple in lumby near the gate to al-kharid

i agry with mrme355 there near mortania
if your not sure ask the wizard at wizards tower with the mage armor

the 1s near lumby u cant cut

North of canafis are some i believe…

It is in Morytania… thats where you find it oh and also the whole armor costs 76k.

there are some hollow trees behing the bank in mortyana, u need level 45 woodcut to cut them

hollow trees are in mort myre


  1. they are in morytonia not near
  2. I suggest having more than 45 woodcut and a high combat lvl due to the skill-draining leeches and agressive vampires
  3. They are in a little swamp east of cannifis not mort myre

Hope this helps

Where do you get the fine silk then. I heard you have to kill something for keys to open chests?

fine silk u can buy in varrock center

Fine silk, you have to do shades of mortton quest then go underground and get the remains of the zombie things you kill then you get yew or magic pyre logs, but you need at least 65 for burning yew pyre logs. After that you go down and use the keys to get to the end where the good chests are and you use the keys on them and open them and you aren’t guaranteed fine silk, sometimes you get other things.

they are in the haunted forest above the caniffs in mortania

Beware. Lvl 71 vampires that drop awful clues dwell in the treetops. They hit hard and literally suck.