anyone need me in their clan?

look at my stats

noone wants me then! =(

the tyrants will take u

Runeprotecters will

hey remember me i see u noob! its gold rush join my clan itll be u could be part of our ranging team

here our website come and check it out :smiley:

join black sharks u wil feel welcomed and will enjoy it

i wouldnt advise it they ally us and have no enemys

ps dont u wanna have wars and stuff?

freedom pk3rs will take u happily and u meet the requirments here is the link . i hope u join.

u can always join the werewolfs contact codeblu4 for info

u can join the runebashers were a mage clan

since your combat is the same as me we could help each other out so plz come 2 our clan 8)

tell me if u remember gold rush cause this is him on his main

we take anyone. you can join. just get a cape and your in.