Anyone notice?

Since like a while ago RSR wasn’t working. Was the server off? And right now there are only 5 members on so I guess no one can do anything.

ya for about a hour or so it wasent working, i thought it was just me, admins must have been working on someething or updateing something

I don’t know what was going on either. Ice didn’t even know. He was in the dark as much as we were. Nobody was able to get ahold of Duke so we all just had to wait.

Well now you know. There are more members on during the night time then right now.

Don’t look at me. I was as clueless about it as the rest of you were. If Duke was doing something, it was something he kept to himself.

Ya it wasn’t working for me.

Yep, it wasn’t working. Its been like this for quite some time. It happens frequently these days. Maybe Duke is working on something topsecret ;).

For what happened today, and the fact that the site is kind of lagging right now, it would be a pretty good guess that the server crashed today. It would be the only explanation.

Eh… Of course we noticed, probably a server crash like Ice said.

Its pretty laggy right now too :slight_smile: Its going pretty slow.

yea mcclaren messaged me in game saying that RSR was down. Glad its back up again though.

Actually that helped alot. Its been happening lately. Very frequently. All I want to know is what the reason is and if we can help make sure it doesn’t happen again. Ya its lagging right now. And I have super high speed internet too. :eek:

I wasnt on at the time…

Ya, I couldn’t go on even though it’s my homepage and even now its pretty laggy.

It’s not laggy on mine. If just wouldn’t work earlier =S

Yea RSR wasn’t working when I got on about at 7:00 CST. With that happening I got to update my Xanga with Spongebob Schwammkopf.

I haven’t noticed that the it’s laggy, but, oh well :slight_smile:

if only you had been here in February :D…