Anyone wanna make this transparent? =|


lol, if i could,…, but i cant :wink:

Thanks… =)

C@$hOl@, if you cannot do it for him why make a pointless post and spam?

Ill do it, hang on a sec

EDIT: It should work now…


Hehe good ol’ Alias :slight_smile:

:), whats so old about me, punk?? Lol jk, jk :slight_smile:

Jolio, i wanna ask u something, how do you make those awesome fractal sigs?

Thanks Alias!

How did you do that Alias that’s what I ment about negative space in the PM’s I sent you.

You change your avatar way to much pujols. Lol.

i would if i could but i cant lol

How did Alias do that?!

photoshop, its accually really easy to do

I could do that on paint… As long as the backgrounds white.

I’m using it on the Phobia forums too, so… :slight_smile:

You’re in Phobia? Sweet! A clan member ^.^

alias im pretty sure its easy. Make a black document and put white dots and then make a brush jsut likle that and make it pink. I’m pretty sure i have that brush too, if not the same then identical. Im not really sure what fractal is but i think thats how he did it. Maybe not but thats one way.

edit: is phobia a good clan. Im thinking above joining a clan. Im almost 80 combat.

Not until Husam answers my question… <_<.

u know, that was spam 2 :smiley: