Anyone want to PK???

All right, Im going PKing after I get 50 Smithing which is 1 Gold Ore away, so lets see…(no guarantees I will be there whole time)

Time: 8:00 PM EST (IF you cant make it fine.
Where to meet: World 38 Edgeville Bank
What to bring: Mage Equipment, Addy, Whatever

Bring Friends, dont have them kill us!!!
Person who is best and has most experience will lead. Have a nice day.

People Coming:(RS Names)
More people, we’re pkin now, come now!

Today’s national RSR PKing day :-).
I’ll try and come =).

Anyone else? People come on! Im getting 50 Smithing there also by the way.

ill come im on right now

All rite then. Anyone else? Come on its only me and twigman!!! PuJoLs is FISHING, he cant come. Bring your buddies, just make them not atack me!!!

Hey, a cat’s gotta grow somehow :-).

what lvls are u ppl?

Fishes must be fed every second? Wow. You cant spare 30 mins? Half an Hour? So heartless…lol. Come one people, Im on right now.

Edit: Just posted, Twigman’s running late, come on people! At least come to see me get 50 Smithing!

Can me, pk mager, and palidan come? We’re heading to edgy right now, world 14.

Sure, world 38. PM me Boundgun111!!! I need ur RuneScape Names.

yeah pm me xdark nite

I’ll join in the fun, CB is 72. Where should i go to>?

too late, we stopped and already failed to get anything. but some dms tho. Im PKin with pick up partner and Berrer2

ok, then, i’ll just go train skills then