Anything.... come to my store and i will get you it

any1 need any armour or any sword that you are looking for??? i will be busy doing youre stuff

Well this might be kinda hard but I am lookin for a guthix helmet…as cheap as you can get it and I will tip ya 10k. Thanx. My creename in RS is frogmaster13

guthix helm huh/? ok ill try it…

get me a rune hally plz i will pay 110k

I can get you a rune hally for 110k =)

Im on rs: Wiz Master 1

how about black plate for all the silver you ever need

how much for full rune (t)

I want the Barrow set please, lol…

so black plate for all the silver i need?? Barrow set???and a rune hally… i would sell that rune haly for 90k

I really need cheap black(g) armour.What is the minimum price u will do it 4 m8? :evil:

umm i want full rune with chain. i can get u raw/cooked lobs or many cowhides or some money with noth

umm if u show me how to get a sextant ill get you a black armour (G)

um 1 thing … if any1 is gona post here, i dont have any money

wht times u on for me to buy it off u

i am stuck in a clue scroll in crandor… i acnt get another 1. just tell me how to get a sextant

i think u get 1 off the sailor at port kahazrd

ive had that crandor clue like 5 times ill help u with it, if u can get a sextant i think u get from mariners, talk to observatory profeser about sextant. :smiley:

U got the 1 were the treasure was in the central part of where the kinhg scorpians is?

i need something

what is it?? :?