Does anyone here have any aquariums, if so what size, fresh or marine, what type of fish(s) do you have in it, and how long has it been running?

I have a 20 gallon freshwater cichlid tank with one african cichlid. One ten gallon tank running with nothing in it, and a 75 gallon tank fresh water, with a pacu about 10-12 inches long and an oscar about 7-9 inches long. I’m about to trade in my fish in my 75 gallon simply because they are getting to big and I’m gonna end up changing the tank into a marine aquarium.

I have an aquarium, all of my fish died the last time we changed the water, (pisses me off!) so now we have around 4 snails… thats it. We haven’t been able to get any fish because they aren’t on the main priority for spending money as of now. Fish can be pretty expensive, rare ones that is.

I dont have 1 but i was thinking about getting a salt water30 galln one, i was gonna get a snowflake ell and a lion fish, i decided that it would be to much money for something thats not too exciting so ive changed my mind and now im gonna get a ball python(when my mom lets me) 4-6ft!

Awesome bmac and puplexed what size was it and what type of fish did you have in it before they died?

I had 2 guramis in a lil (2-3 litter) tank. THey were small, but lasted like 2 years or so. One day i found one of them chewed off (the matey ate him) and so he died. 2 days later, i found that the pther one jumped out of the fish tank, and so he died as well…

Lol, isnt it weird? kill it’s life-time partner then comiting suicide!!!

i hate marine soap operas… (this is not a joke!! it really happened!)

I don’t have a tank but my brother has a saltwater 55-gallon tank. He has 2 triggerfishes, a maroon clown, and 2 others I can’t remember. He used to have more clown fish and 2 tangs, but they died. He also had an angel fish but it died as well.

Yeah, I used to own some fish as well… It wasn’t a big tank… Maybe 20-30 gallons maybe in terms of the size of the fish tank I had to keep my fish in… (This is when I was like 6 so I don’t remember as clearly or as much… I’m 19 now so that was like 13 years ago, give or take one year…) Though the fishes were just merely 2 inch-3inch goldfish… About like 5 of them… They eventually died one by one… After that, I have never owned another fish in my life…

Lol, All my Goldfish are dead, because they all ate each other…