Arabs are ignorant terrorists: a common misconception

arcdemons1 says:

Well, Mariazipet would usually say in this case “omg muslims do not promote killing”… but… I am not talking about muslims! It is arabs that have been the cause of my attention. As stupid as it seems, some people are so stubborn they refuse to believe anything other then they’re own view. They say that “You can’t win a debate, everyone has their own opinion”. But I disagree. As one of my friends debated with me before, after proving him/her wrong many times, he/she still REFUSED to believe the truth - stating there was no right or wrong. Anyway, let’s get on topic again.

The Muslim race introduced Mathematics to society - so why have they suddenly turned so horrible? I would usually myself think that it’s unfair to generalize - but due to recent events, I must deny myself that pleasure. Pakistan - A mainly arab country has elected a government that’s aim is to destroy Israel. That clearly shows to me that they’re not very smart. And Terrorist - you don’t see jews bombing Berlin? You don’t see African American’s bombing America? So who gives the Arabs the right to bomb Israel, America or any other country.

I say that in another debate and thought I should debate this from a different point of view. And I think my opinion on the matter will be of some credibilty because I happen to be both an Arab and a Muslim.

So, I am going to do this the fun way first…and then see any responses. Hopefully, we can all have a good and fun debate.

First, I will point out the flaws (not all of them…there are way too many) in arcdemons1’s racist and bigoted post.

  1. arcdemons1, I am asking you to do just a tiny bit of research before you start posting this false information. To begin with, your mention of Pakistan in an ‘Arabs: Generally Destructive’ post is simply…well, to say truthfully, just plain wrong. If you had done ANY research whatsoever, you would have found out that Pakistanis are not Arabs. Arabs are the people who talk the Arabic language. Pakistanis talk Urdu…So, therefore, they are not Arabs. They happen to be mostly Mulsims though, so I suppose that if you were attacking Muslims as a whole, you could be right in mentioning Pakistan.

Also: Just to help you out with your research a little: Most terrorists are Arabs…However, Terrorists represent less than 1% of Arabs. So, you just offended 99% of the world’s Arabs with your racist comments.

  1. Secondly, you have to think why terrorists bomb. I am not advocating terrorism or saying what terrorists are doing is right. However, what I am saying is look at a terrorist: sacrificing his entire life…Think why he sacrifices his life for such a cause? It’s because of the conditions they are in. They have lost everything and lose more and more everyday…living in extreme poverty, being tortured. They sacrifice their life because they have nothing to lose. It’s very sad actually, but it doesn’t make it right.

2a) You brought out a nice point. You don’t see jews bombing Berlin. If you were referring to Palestinian terrorists, please take this in account. What is going in Israel is a war. Plain and simple. The Israelis bomb the Palestian population daily with tanks, aircraft, and what not and the Palestinians, in retaliation, throw rocks at the tanks and some go to extreme measures by blowing themselves up to kill Israelis…Israel killed more Palestinians than Palestinians killed Israelis.

2b) I personally hate violence and would love to see a solution that actually works to relieve the Israeli/Palestinian struggle.

Also…just to brag: Muslims not only brought math to this world, but also contributed and added MANY fields in chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, and others. Christopher Columbus, when he came to America, had Muslim Navigators on his ship because they were, simply, the best. Proper Sanitation was first introduced by Muslims and the first hospital was in Baghdad…built by Muslim Doctors :slight_smile:

Against 2a I say that… duh. You get attacked would you just let them keep blowing you up?

Thank you for the support!

Wondering what arcdemon1 will reply with though

2a is true- isreal fight with tanks, planes, and have killed more palestines and palestines fight with stone and some guns lol.

thats really a 1 sided war- by the way who supplies isreal with all these weapon?

European Countries and America…

Welcome, i was wondering when you’d show up lol…

Anyway, Israelis bomb in defence, Palestinians bomb in offence… :slight_smile: biggggggg difference, It changes it to self-defence which is perfectly legit :slight_smile:

rofl, you were wondering when I would show up? lol, you knew I was coming :stuck_out_tongue:

There are two sides to each issue. I happen to see it from the Palestinian view: Israel was established on their land fifty years ago. Therefore, they are trying to get their land back and Israel is the aggressor.

Besides…let me ASSUME that your view is right. (I AM NOT AGREEING…JUST HYPOTHETICALLY ASSUMING FOR AWHILE…). So, Palestinians throw rocks at Israels in retalliation. Yup…they thought one day: Hell, why don’t we start a war against Israel! We even have some cool rocks we can use…Then Israel comes in with TANKS, AIRCRAFT, and MACHINE GUNS. He throws rocks at you so you want to blow him up??? Is that what you mean by self-defense?

Also, (I am still assuming), if someone kills one of your people, does that mean you should go in, kill all that person’s family, rape a few family members, exile some other family members, torture some more family members, and kill the rest!? Because that’s what Israel is doing :slight_smile:

What is your view on it though? This is intresting…

What do you mean by throw rocks? And most of them were never alive to have their land stolen! They werent born yet. They should be mad at the U.N. If get mad at anyone. The Israelites didnt establish themselves. The Palestine ruler, I think, is acutally against the terrorist, trying to stop them. So basicly its the people who are trying to take back a country they never owned and are attacking the people who didnt steal their land.
[sarcasm]Sounds totally reasonable to me! :)[/sarcasm]

Your ‘reasonable’ sounds like plain ignorance to me.

Land that they never owned? Have you ever checked a history book? I suggest you should go to a library (that place where you can go and check out books) and get a book on the subject…Then you should read the book and learn something right!!!

Anyhow, to refute: Israelis lived there THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. Under the same example, Americans should kindly let Indians rule over them and return the land…Oh! And maybe Asia should all be given to Mongolia?

Besides…didn’t steal their lands? Your ignorance is truly hilarious (LOL). When Israel was first created, Jews that migrated there took the houses of the Palestinians living there. No, I guess that’s not stealing their land at all…is it?

They are mad at the UN…But right now, Israel is the one that took their houses and is attacking them not the UN…so they are fighting back.

But I suppose it must be fun talking about Israel taking the land. So let’s go back in history some and try to reach a conclusion (Hey! You may learn something new! Yay! Aren’t you excited!?). Israel was created because the entire western world was anti-semitic (even the United States) and that led to their torture during World War II and the western world not doing anything about it. So, the West does something wrong…they oppressed the Jewish race. BUT to make it right they get someone else’s land and give it to the Jews!? Does that make sense to you? Because they oppressed the jews, they oppress another race and take their land to give to the Jews!? Hell, if the US was so sad and sorry for the Jews, why didn’t they give them a state…why couldn’t the UK give them Wales? Why couldn’t they give them a part of Germany? But no…they go somewhere else, grab another’s land, and give it to the Jews. And the people whose land was grabbed should hug and welcome the people who took their land to establish another country. They should hug and embrace them! Give them their homes! Be a lower class! Be treated like dirt…right?

Palestinian ruler? Aren’t you living in a country that is a democracy: meaning that the country is run by the citizens and not the ruling party? The majority of Palestinians don’t agree with the ruler…So, who cares what his opinion is :slight_smile: It’s the people’s vote and not his that counts…

-sits and wait for your next ignorant comment :-)-

Dude! Shut Up And Read My ****ing Post Right!

Also, this page is hiliarious on gizoogle.

Getting a bit fired up, aren’t we? Remember…its a friendly debate after all so simmer down and hold your horses buddy.

Alright, I apologize…English is, after all, my third language. Why don’t you enlighten me and tell me what you meant and how I should have read your post :slight_smile: ?

Sorry. It just made me mad that you red between the lines. No offence. This page is hilarious in gizoogle.

I meant how the bombers are mainly in there 30s-40s. They were never alive to own the land. My point. The Israelites are wrong for some stuff, but they arent suicide bombing. And they dont live in a democracy, the palestinians I mean. And not to be racist or prejudicial, which this will sound like, so correct me if Im wrong. You are Egyption. Egypt hate the Jews in Israel. Im not sure about you though.

We have been going on in war with Israel for years now. Yes, Egyptians don’t like the Israelis…Arabs don’t really. Notice I say Israelis…NOT Jews. We are not against the religion itself. Personally, I don’t hate anyone because they are a jew or because they are Israeli…I hate a person if they are a bad person. Wasn’t racist so don’t worry about it.

But anyhow, Egypt was the first arab country to make a deal with Israel in case you didn’t know…Basically, Egypt and Israel get paid about 100 billion dollars a year so that they don’t attack each other :slight_smile:

Secondly, imagine your parents lived in a land that was taken from them. And now, you are living in extreme poverty while some others are living in your home…What would you do? Just think about it :slight_smile:

Not living in a democracy? Yes they are. Many of the elected are corrupt though…but they get to vote for parliment and all that. However, do people only get to have a say in their government if they live in a democracy? I think anyone should have the right of any opinion on any government whether they themselves live in a democracy or not.

Finally, I tend to get sarcastic in my debates so if I offend you, keep in mind that I don’t mean the sarcastic rudeness :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I see, like Mexicans, Mexico sucks, so they want America. Well. Not really. But it`s kind of sad they pay each other not to attack.

Nope not like Mexicans…Mexicans are entering America, which isn’t their land.

Palestine (It’s not called Israel) belongs to the Palestinians so they are trying to get THEIR land back…so its really different.

The deal is actually really horrible to the Egyptian side. We are now forced to import many products which we can produce, because of the stupid Camp David Accords deal, which really hurts the economy. But the ‘president’ (known as the dictator in Egypt :P) is fine with it so meh x_x

Lol, I was joking about the Mexico thing. Yeah, the prestator agrees with it :slight_smile:

Of course Arabs aren’t ignorant terrorists.
They are totally not ignorant.

And Palestine… The Israelis had possession of that land for thousands of years, and then they sorta dwindled a bit. Israel was given back to the Jews in 1947 by the U.N.
The Palestinians are just sore… buncha retards.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Nope. They are not the retards…You are :slight_smile:

It was their land. It was taken away from them and given to someone else. They are trying to get it back. It’s their right all the way…

But do they have the right to kill Israelis just for land?
That’s not the work of a civilized people.

:spin: Kinofallpie

The Jewish people controlled Israel for 1000 years but they were always ruled by different people.

Heres a short history of Israel

The Jewish didnt control it for as long as others.