archery training

One of my goals to get 70 ranging, I currently trying to get 15k steel arrows (caculation: 1k steel bars, i need 1k iron ores, 2k coal ores, 1k regular logs, and 15k feathers which i can by killing some chickens after getting 15k shafts and 15k headless arrows). I could get 125k bronze arrows, since they are cheap, but not really useful in archery training. I could get 75k iron arrows but smelting ores in the furnance is not really effective (in addition, getting ring of forging or natures is expensive). I could try to get 30k mithril arrows, but their ores are hard to get and noobs tend to mine the ores (and i hate waiting and hate going into the wild to get mithril ores). So what arrows should i use for training?

steel easy and you can get 1k steelbars for like 400k

i have 64 mining and 52 smithing so it’s cheaper if i make my own tyvm.

bronze all the way. its super cheap and works well for bronze. i currently have 16k bronze arrows to shoot off and my natural is 10 with bronze arrows on rapid.but of course im 80 range… :shhh:


i use bronze (im too cheap for all those fansy types)

Harilo, where did you get those warriors in you’re sig??? THEY OWN!

id use iron there only 3gp at the ranged guild whch is where i buy them…

iron ownz u. bronze is too weak.

yeah, making iron arrows or steal would be the best

dont train with anything higher than iron. waste of money

I dunno, if you have the cash steel arrows can be real good for training.

probably just go with iron if you train with mith you have to keep picking em up when your training, and you probably want some randoms while your training.

Iron would be best. Just buy iron bars.

you know, there is a problem with iron. although they are cheap, making the bars for the arrows is a pain. Because the bars to fail sometimes (unless using ring of forging or natures), so they may relatively expensive when you do that.

I saw sometime who was trying to get 150k mithril arrows and sell them for 7.5 million. He want to save his d battle axe and wanted to get rare stuff :P.

I’d say bronze because they’re cheap and if you have a lot of them, you can get more ranged xp than you can with half as many iron or steel arrows.

i could buy a couple of rings of forging, how much they usually cost?

Use iron or bronze. Buy or make rings of forging, trust me I bet you have alot of rubies from all those old men.