Are Daggers Any Good?

I need a weapon for the Wildy and I don’t exactly want to go there with my rune b-axe. I’m considering getting a dagger, but is it any good? What are its qualities and its bad points?

its like the fastest weapon but its also the weekest. Id suggest goint to wildy with like addy b-axe or something there not exspesive

If I were you, I’d either go to the wilderness with a scimmy, dagger, or longsword. The dagger’s only good if you’re attacking players with a much lower lvl than you… So I would either take a longsword or a scimmy if I wanted to kill people my level.

OR if ur a member i suggest getting a dragon dagger§ and killin with that… that way your opponent will die even if he runs away.
But if ur a nonmember then they are worthless.

Look at her stats signature… I’ve figured she is not a member lol

daggers are useless…but fun if u mess around with them and do like 10s with a bronze 1 =p lol… i cant do a 10 with a bronze dagger, but it wud b cool if i could =)

daggers are terrible weapons except for the dragon dagger §…but i see that ur f2p so use a scimmy : D

ok daggers there not that good because i died by a lv 45 when i was 60 that was stuiped. then i went back with my scimmy and killed him fast. so i say no the suck.

ok stop dissing the dagger >_< i love my daggers :open_mouth: i hit rapid 10 and always hit - they are by far awsome, with my rune hally i hit 2x but its so slow, as well as the b axe - rune schimmys are far over rated, they just look cool… anyways, daggers a great when pking in a group, you have your damage dealer who uses a b-axe, and your the panic dealer which does damage so fast they panic and eat food too fast which results in a un-needed death :slight_smile: but hey free full rune to a bunch of level 30’s isnt too bad eh?

I heard somewhere, if you ahve high strength and low attack and defence, daggers are good. If I were going to get a dagger, I would go for rune. Cuz there the best f2p dagger, and easy to replace.

64 str 59 att – and daggers rule :slight_smile: 1 level till dragon dagger :O~

i have to agree dagger are fast but not great in strong fight if u mean d dagger go for it there fast and good for dragon hunting :slight_smile:

Yeah, Dagger’s quick, but with pretty low strength… Scimmys are quick, with medium strength… Longswords are not as quick as Daggers and Scimmys, but a decent amount of strength bonus.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

I love short weapons they so cool!

dragon dag §s own in wildy

daggers blow chunks

or u could just buy it… i mean 10-15k what ever they go for, just isnt that much money… just go with ur b axe. or, actually caugh up a measley 5 bucks a month and get a d dagger §
not to sound harsh btw

yea rune daggers blow but drag daggers…with special and § they own

lol.i have to say my d dagger poisioned is my favorite item, they r only 45k, but they kick asse, perfect for member pking. although, everytime i pk, i get pked, lol never gotten one kill.