Are England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland Countries?

Here’s an interesting debate, are England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland Countries?

I personally think they are technically not countries, but are provinces or states like the states of the USA, however they are affectionately called countries.

I think this because they are all ruled by the British government. Even though there is a Scottish government and Welsh Assembly, these are controlled by the British government. Also, in the large world organisations such as the UN or the EU, the United Kingdom represents us, rather than the separate ‘countries’.

Your views?

On a side note, an interesting thing is the EU constitution which is trying to be put through (the EU - European Union is like the UN of Europe) would mean that you could travel throught the EU countries without a passport, making the EU like the United States of Europe.

I wouldn’t really call them seperate countries. After all they are all part of the United Kingdom, which is basically Britain. Scotland existed as an independent state until 1 May 1707, when the Act of Union 1707 merged Scotland with the Kingdom of England to create the Kingdom of Great Britain. Wales has not been politically independent since 1282, when it was conquered by King Edward I of England. As for Northern Ireland, the majority of the citizens WANTS to remain in the United Kingdom, thus making themselves part of the UK.

I do think they are countries, because they have different currencies, but I’m not sure…

I think they are seperate states.

they are countries. plain and simple. they form the uk.if they were not countires, there wouldnt be a queen of england lol. how do i know? im english

no they dont

There different countries, all i have to say on the matter.

They are different countries…

We are differnt countrys no matter how small we are were independent!

Read what I wrote above. Scotland hasn’t been independant since the union act and Wales hasn’t been independant since the 1200s.

Wales is completely separate from other countries - mainly because we speak a different language!

We are separate countries.

Countries of course…unless they were…PANGAEA OR LAURASIA!

Lol Quebec speaks a different language then the rest of Canada, and they are still party of Canada. Speaking a different language doesn’t make you independant when you got invaded and taken over.

UK is similar to the EU(I can be wrong ^^), and we’re all different countries…

they don’t what?