Are my stats good enough...

Are my stats gd enough for barrows:


melee with full rune

combat 85

umm magic and slayer lvl? range lvl too?

nope, you would get served…

Whats your magic and prayer level? I highly recomend 43+ prayer and 50+ mage

you should have had 60 att and lower deff it just puts your lvl up maby stayed at 60 for dragon

Stats aren’t bad, but i recommend 43+ prayer and 55 slayer (i think) and 50 mage (i think) for slayer dart.

If you have them stats then… yeh… you’ll own :slight_smile:

lol i got them all but the 55 slayer

Barrows is nearly impossible without 43 prayer and i suggest u get your magik at least 60 if you cant use slayer dart…

OK, i’d advise you to get 55 slayer for the dart thing, but i suppose you could cope maging them with fire blast or maybe air wave if you can, or something high magic lvly.